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What Does President Trump Mean by the "Calm Before the Storm" Statement? Lombardi Letter 2018-02-16 06:44:28 trump calm before the storm trump calm before the storm meaning the world’s great military people Trump north korea war will trump start a war are we going to war north korea and iran nuclear programmes Recently Trump was quoted as saying the "calm before the storm." Does this mean a possible war starting? 2017,International Markets,News

What Does President Trump Mean by the “Calm Before the Storm” Statement?

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Trump Calm Before the Storm

Did President Donald Trump spill the beans?

During a dinner and photo opportunity with military leaders and their spouses, Trump was quoted as saying the “calm before the storm” to reporters.


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Another reporter then followed up on Trump’s comment by asking what he meant by “the calm before the storm” and if he was referring to Iran or ISIS in any way.  Trump replied back by saying, “We’ve got the world’s greatest military people in this room. I will tell you that. And we’re going to have a great evening.”

The dinner and photos taken were how the long day ended for Trump, but hours before he sat down with defense officials behind closed doors.

Is Trump sending a cryptic warning to the world or allies of the U.S.?

No, Trump is a man that does not shy away from the camera. When he feels that America is not advancing or benefiting, he will call out the wrongdoers (in his opinion).

In recent months, two countries have been in focus by Trump and the White House administration: Iran and North Korea. The issue is related to North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs, but regarding different issues.

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First, let’s take a look at the Trump and North Korea relationship.

Will Trump Start a War?

North Korea has been testing its nuclear program, and as each day passes, the threat level increases, and the possibility of a U.S.-North Korea conflict with it. There are so many unknowns coming from North Korea, and Trump would of course want the upper hand and be on the offense rather than defense. Also consider that it’s no secret that Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, dislike each other greatly.

It is said that North Korea is testing weapons that could reach America, which is an obvious concern. It seems that Trump is being proactive, however; just two weeks ago–three days after North Korea fired a missile over Japan–U.S. bombers and jets were sighted over the Korean Peninsula.

Rather than waiting, Trump is moving in and seeing what his options are. And if he feels that North Korea is not cooperating, his response could only serve to increase hostilities.

On the other hand, Trump has an issue with Iran as well, regarding the nuclear deal the countries signed in 2015, when Obama was President.

Are We Going to War with Iran? 

In terms of the U.S. and Iran’s nuclear deal, it is being looked at less from a war standpoint and more as a business deal. The president believes that the deal does not benefit the interests of the United States. If Trump ends up terminating the deal, it could result in sanctions once again being placed on Iran. And if the U.S. goes back on its word, cancelling the deal could result in a possible war.

One possibility is that Iran looks to North Korea and the countries put their assets together. Neither country wants to be bullied by the powerhouse United States.

Since Trump loves to do things on his terms, it could result in the deal being renegotiated once again–this time, more to the U.S.’ benefit. This could somewhat save the relationship between Iran and the U.S., but I can guarantee that Iran would never forget the U.S.’ course of action.

What Does Trump’s “Calm Before the Storm” Statement Mean?

Trump taking on meetings and dinners with military personnel could be a strategic move of planning what actions to take. For instance, if North Korea launches a rocket, is the U.S. ready to handle a defense mechanism? Or is it best to invade and start a war and take that out of the question? The same could be said with Iran; if sanctions and nuclear deals are thrown out, could it mean a war breaking out?

One thing is for sure: Trump will do what is best for him and America. When a reporter asked what he meant by the “calm before the storm,” Trump replied by “you’ll find out.” Time will tell.

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