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Gold Prices a Bargain at $1,550; If They Go Lower, It’s a Better Opportunity Lombardi Letter 2020-01-20 06:37:34 gold prices gold price Gold prices at $1,550 seems cheap. The lower this precious metal goes, it only becomes a better opportunity. In the long term, gold could help investors preserve wealth. Here’s are the details. Commodities,Gold

Gold Prices a Bargain at $1,550; If They Go Lower, It’s a Better Opportunity

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Gold Prices an Opportunity at $1,550; If It Goes Lower, It’s Even Better

Gold Prices Could Be Setting Up to Surge

Over the past few years, gold prices have seen a solid run to the upside. The next few years could be much better. A $2,000 gold price seems like a very possible scenario.

At about $1,550 an ounce, the yellow precious metal seems cheap. If it goes lower, gold becomes an even better investment opportunity.


5 Divident Stocks T0 Own Forever

At $1,250 an ounce, gold could be considered undervalued. At $1,050 or below, the yellow precious metal could be a slam-dunk buy.

Why have such a bullish take on gold? Mark my words: gold is a hedge against uncertainty, volatility, currency devaluation, financial crises, and so much more.

Why Gold Could Be Worth the Investment Now

At the moment, everything may look great economically, but that could all turn. This is why gold prices around $1,550.0 an ounce are considered cheap. Things may be fine this year and even the next, but in the long run, we could be headed for a lot of trouble.

For example, did you think the banking sector learned from the mistakes of the previous financial crisis? Wrong.

John C. Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, recently said the following:

When we talk about company culture in the context of financial services, the first thing that comes to mind is the risky, unethical, and sometimes criminal behavior in the banking industry, particularly during the financial crisis. And 10 years on from the crisis, this behavior persists. Instances of fraud, money laundering, and scandals related to foreign exchange and LIBOR continue to make the headlines.

(Source: “Getting to the Core of Culture,” Federal Reserve Bank of New York, January 14, 2020.)

If banks haven’t learned much over the past 10 years, chances are there are problems in the making. Things could boil over into something bigger, and all of a sudden we could have a financial crisis on our hands.

But this isn’t all.

We have seen a massive run in assets across the board. For example, look at the stock market. Key stock indices have surged to an all-time high. As it stands, valuations look extremely expensive relative to the historical averages.

In the short term, stock markets may continue to move higher. In the long term, however, valuations matter a lot and we tend to see markets reach their historical valuations. They sell off when things become too expensive.

If the stock market falls, will investors rush to seek the safety of gold? It’s possible.

The Case for $2,000-an-Ounce Gold Gets Stronger

Dear reader, in December 2015, gold prices made a low of around $1,050. Now the yellow precious metal trades around $1,550. That’s an increase of close to 50% in matter of a few years.

Sadly, despite this solid performance, the yellow precious metal continues to get ignored.

I have been bullish on gold since 2015 and I remain bullish. No matter how you look at it, we are inching closer to a time when volatility, uncertainty, and devaluation becomes reality.

Think long-term and don’t ignore gold. It could protect your portfolio from massive losses. Gold prices of $2,000 an ounce could be reached soon.

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