This One Chart Says Gold Prices Could Hit $2,100 Lombardi Letter 2019-02-27 14:58:26 Gold Prices precious metal gold price gold mining stocks Over the past few years, gold prices were trading in a pattern. The gold price has broken out of that pattern and it could mean huge gains ahead for gold. Here’s the full story. Gold

This One Chart Says Gold Prices Could Hit $2,100

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This Technical Chart Pattern Says Gold Prices Could Hit $2,100 Bahdanovich

Gold Prices Could Be Setting Up to Soar

There’s one chart that says gold prices could be setting up to make a move towards $2,000 and beyond.

Please look at the chart below. It plots the monthly gold price. Also, pay very close attention to the black lines drawn on the chart.


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Over the past few years, on the gold price chart, we have seen the formation of a chart pattern called a “symmetrical triangle.”

A symmetrical triangle forms when there is a preceding downtrend and a developing uptrend. Usually, the price is consolidating (the trading ranges are getting smaller) when this happens.

A symmetrical triangle isn’t a bullish or bearish pattern. You can only tell where the price will move once it breaks out of the triangle.

If the price breaks above the triangle, an upside move usually follows. If the price breaks below the triangle, a downside usually comes next.

Thanks to the move over the past few months, the gold price has broken out of the triangle.

As gold prices moved higher, momentum indicators like the moving average convergence/divergence and the relative strength index indicators trended higher as well.

Remember, without momentum, you really can’t do much.

These two momentum indicators are suggesting that the momentum is in favor of the buyers. The buyers are increasing in number, controlling the price. And they could take it much higher.

At the very least, this is all very bullish for gold prices.

How High Could Gold Prices Go?

When it comes to technical analysis, there are some guidelines on where the price could go after there’s a certain trigger. And with a symmetrical triangle, there are targets as well.

Technical analysts usually take the widest part of the triangle (the price range) and add it to or subtract it from the breakout point, depending on whether the price broke above or below the triangle.

In the chart above, there are two instances where the widest part could be used.

First, the price action between late 2011 and late 2015—that’s roughly $800.00.

Second, the price action between early 2016 and late 2017—that’s about $300.00.

In the chart above, the breakout level is around $1,300.

If you want to be skeptical, then add $300.00. With this, gold prices could reach as far as $1,600. That is 20% above the current gold price.

If you want to be generous, then add $800.00. This takes gold prices to as high as $2,100. That is 58% above the current gold price.

This Is Where You Could Make Stellar Returns

Dear reader, I have publicly said that gold miners could be the next millionaire makers. I still believe this.

It must be understood that gold mining stocks provide leverage gains to gold prices. A one-percent increase in precious metal prices could mean a five-percent increase in some mining stocks.

Consider the charts below to get some perspective on the leverage that mining stocks provide to gold prices:

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Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd (NYSE:KL) increased by 84.82% in the past six months as gold prices increased by 9.58%. So for every one-percent increase in gold prices, KL stock increased by 8.85%.

If gold prices increase by even 20% from their current levels, it wouldn’t be shocking to see a number of gold mining stocks double in value, if not more.

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