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Was George Soros a Nazi Collaborator? Lombardi Letter 2018-02-16 07:01:59 george soros a nazi collaborator george soros a nazi member of SS second world war 60 minutes interview george soros father a nazi (Tivador Soros) george soros interview George Soros is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Was he a Nazi Collaborator?. The simple answer to the question is 'No.' 2017,Fact Check,False,News

Was George Soros a Nazi Collaborator?

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George Soros

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George Soros: a Nazi Collaborator?

George Soros is known to many as a successful investor, philanthropist, and author. However, many have dove deeper into Soros’ background and now believe that he was a Nazi collaborator as well.

Could the billionaire and one of the wealthiest people in the world have such a corrupt background? Or is someone spreading fake news throughout the media in order to give Soros a bad name? That’s why we’ll be looking at George Soros’ past in order to bring the facts to life.


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George Soros Background

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary into a Jewish family. Soros’ mother, Erzsébet, came from a family that owned a thriving silk shop, while his father, Tivador, worked as a lawyer. Soros’ father was also a prisoner of war during and after World War I until he escaped from Russia and joined his family in Budapest.

Soros was 13 years old when Nazi Germany occupied Hungary. After the war, Soros moved to England to become a student at the London School of Economics. By 1954, Soros had earned a bachelor of science in philosophy and master of science.

When Growing Up, Was George Soros a Nazi Collaborator? YES

When Soros was growing up, there were two major events that gave him insight into the Nazi world. One was, of course, being Jewish in a country controlled by Nazi Germany. This limited his very ability to live a free country–one which he called home.

The second was that, since he was Jewish, the occupying force banned him from attending school. Instead, Soros and other children were to report to the Judenrat, also known as the “Jewish Council.” There, Soros’ duties were to hand out deportation notices to Jewish individuals, who had all their property confiscated. This was of course a major change to Soros’ early life, forcing him to see and experience the influence Nazi Germany was having on his homeland.

Was Soros a Member of the SS (a Nazi Paramilitary Organization) in World War II? NO

Formed in 1925, the Schutzstaffel (SS) was a Nazi paramilitary organization that ran the concentration camps under the orders of Adolf Hitler himself.

In order to be a member of the SS, an individual had to be at least 17 years old. Soros didn’t meet this requirement, being only 14 in 1945.

He also didn’t meet the heritage requirement, since he and his family were Hungarian Jews, making them more likely to have been interred in the camps themselves, not employed at them. Instead, Hungarians of Jewish descent spent most of their time hiding and otherwise avoiding being caught or deported.

Since he did not meet any of the requirements, it is not possible for Soros to have been a member of the SS, even with his fake credentials (detailed below) hiding his true background.

Did Soros Admit to Being a Nazi Collaborator in a 60 Minutes Interview? YES

In December 1998, an interview with Soros on 60 Minutes focused on his experience during his teenage years, when Nazi Germany was in control of Hungary:

60 Minutes: You’re a Hungarian Jew.

Soros: Mm-hmm.

60 Minutes: Who escaped the Holocaust.

Soros: Mm-hmm.

60 Minutes: By–by posing as a Christian.

Soros: Right.

60 Minutes: And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.

Soros: Right. I was 14 years old. And I would say that that’s when my character was made.

60 Minutes: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Soros: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

60 Minutes: For example that, ‘I’m Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.’ None of that?

Soros: Well, of course I–I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was — well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets–that if I weren’t there–of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would–would–would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the–whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the–I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.

Soros did attempt to explain his experience and that he had no choice in doing what he did for the sake of his own survival. If he didn’t cooperate, it’s possible Soros would not be the person he is today–or even alive at all.

Was George Soros’ Father a Nazi (Tivador Soros)? NO

Based on his behavior, Soros’ father, Tivador Soros, was not a member of the Nazi party.

When Nazi Germany took over Hungary, the senior Soros, thinking quickly about how to save his family, had them split up and go into hiding. He believed the family could blend in with the general population, but only if in separate groups. He based this theory on how animals survive when they feel endangered.

Tivador used his experience from his law background to purchase fake documents stating that him and his family were Christian; this is how his son George got out of his Judenrat duties. To further help the people of Hungary, he also created documents for many other Jewish citizens as well.

Needless to say, these are not the actions of a Nazi supporter.

Final Thoughts About George Soros: a Nazi Collaborator?

Based on the evidence, George Soros did spend some of his childhood years working with the Nazis. However, the choice was ultimately not his, only doing as he was told to survive.

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