FACT CHECK: Were Hard Drives and Servers Destroyed in the Clinton House Fire? Lombardi Letter 2018-05-22 14:03:27 Clinton house fire Chappaqua New York Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton hard drives destroyed in Clinton's fire QAnon Anthony Weiner Huma Abedin A house fire occurred in the building next to the home of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Was this fire part of a plan to cover up and destroy evidence? Fact Check,False,News,U.S. Politics

FACT CHECK: Were Hard Drives and Servers Destroyed in the Clinton House Fire?

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  • Claim: Were hard drives and servers destroyed in the Clinton house fire to cover up wrongdoing?
  • Rating: False
  • Claimed By: Alleged White House Insider "QAnon"
  • Fake News/Rumor Reported on: January 2018

Was a Fire at the Clintons’ Home in Chappaqua Deliberate and a Cover-Up?

On January 3, the Clintons had to dial 911 as a fire engulfed their home in Chappaqua, New York in the mid-afternoon. To be more precise, it was the building adjacent to the Clintons’ house, which was reportedly used by Secret Service staff, according to a spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton. Neither Bill or Hillary were at home at the time and nobody was injured.

The firefighters arrived in time to control and quickly put out the fire. However, that may have contributed to some curious developments around this event. “I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,” said a source for a Chappaqua Fire Department (Source: “Fire Dept: Room Full Of Servers, Hard Drives Destroyed In Clinton House Fire,” Your News Wire, January 4, 2018.)


One of the fire department responders noted that when got there–and as noted above, the fire was put out quickly–they found that Secret Service agents had already managed to extinguish the flames. They might have put out the fire, but they may have also kindled the rumor mill.

The Chappaqua House Fire Will Add Fuel to the Other Clinton “Fire”

The rumor in question would be the one surrounding the incriminating evidence against Hillary that Trump wants to use to lock her up. Indeed, the aforementioned evidence may have gone up in smoke. (Source: Ibid.)

That’s rather convenient; how serendipitous if this should prove to be true. The documents, according to “QAnon,” an alleged White House insider, relate to “high profile child traffickers.” The reason that investigators have to pursue the “lead” doesn’t need much speculation.

Hillary Clinton used a private server, which promoted several FBI investigations during the 2016 presidential campaign. Then-FBI director James Comey opened and closed the investigation just days before the election. The FBI has more reason to suspect Hillary Clinton and longtime assistant Huma Abedin’s potential cover-up, thanks to information found in the possession of Abedin’s ex-husband, Anthony Weiner, who has proven to have a rather sloppy attitude towards computer security. The FBI have found several compromising files on Weiner’s computers, and not just some of the pictures he sent to young girls.

“Pizzagate,” with All the Toppings

The context in which the alleged pedophilia charges and cover-up are emerging is “Pizzagate.” That would be the theory that grabbed headlines during the last presidential election, which first implicated Clinton in a Washington D.C. pizza restaurant-based child sex ring.

The QAnon source claims that the Clintons are afraid because the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee covered up a pedophilia investigation in 2013 at the State Department. It was the “Watergate” scandal that prompted the expression, “covering up a crime is worse than the crime itself.” This may be the case surrounding the Clintons.

When a Story Gets Too Far-Fetched, it Loses Credibility

None other than the orthodox and mainstream NBC discussed the salacious prostitution and pedophilia allegations, which Trump wants to bring to the attention of prosecutors. (Source: “NBC News: Hillary Clinton Covered Up Pedophile Ring At State Department(VIDEO)!,” YouTube video, 3:56, August 5, 2017, posted by “GLOBAL News.”)

Supposedly, the investigation that Hillary Clinton tried to bury involves high-level figures, including an ambassador. However, the story has gone off on several tangents, each too far-fetched to be true. (Source: Your News Wire, op cit.)

For example, it suggests that Hillary, her daughter Chelsea, her husband Bill, and Senator John McCain are wearing secret ankle bracelets after having been secretly indicted. The rumors even suggest that Obama’s much talked about jury duty last November was a cover-up, arranged to fit the former president with his own ankle bracelet. (Source: “Hillary Clinton, Pedophilia And Ankle Bracelets; New Trump-Supporter Conspiracy Theory Is Pizzagate on Steroids,” Newsweek, November 20, 2017.)

The problem with rumors is that they often get conflated to the point of sounding ridiculous. There may be something to allegations of Hillary Clinton’s wrongdoing, given the dark shadows in her and her husband’s political careers. Nevertheless, following Pizzagate narratives without hard evidence–or even a shred thereof–weakens justified suspicions.

The further the rumors go left field, the more chances few will believe or pay attention to them. Because of the corruption of analyses and information, the Chappaqua fire and all the related Pizzagate rumors (before or after they were enhanced by steroids) must be deemed as false. It would be a favor to the Clintons, given how mind-boggling they are, to pay serious attention. The more the Pizzagate business is shaped into a more coherent and plausible narrative, the better the chances of determining its veracity. Hillary Clinton has made serious and real political mistakes; Libya is just the first that comes to mind. That’s where the focus to detract her should be.

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