FACT CHECK: Did Lisa Bloom’s Firm Receive Money to Accuse Donald Trump of Sexual Assault?

Lisa Bloom
  • Claim: Did Lisa Bloom's law firm receive money to accuse President Donald Trump of sexual assault?
  • Rating: Maybe
  • Claimed By: The Hill
  • Fake News/Rumor Reported on: December 15, 2017

Did Lisa Bloom’s Law Firm Pay Trump Accusers?

A lawyer best known for taking on sexual harassment cases (from either side of the bench) is said to have offered money for any woman who would accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Attorney Lisa Bloom would have intensified this “incentives” program during the last weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign, according to The Hill in a recent article. (Source: “Exclusive: Prominent lawyer sought donor cash for two Trump accusers,” The Hill, December 15, 2017.)


Tabloids were the source of the funds for such compensations, say the accusers. But Lisa Bloom may be a better businessperson than a lawyer. It seems the Lisa Bloom law firm paid Trump accusers—or there are reports to this effect. These reports allege that she even tried to sell the victims’ stories to TV programs and collect a tidy finder’s fee for the trouble.

The Hill makes this claim because it found evidence suggesting that Bloom, in one case, managed to get one such “donor” to pay off the mortgage of one of Trump’s accusers. In another case, a woman refused to accuse Trump, even after being offered $750,000. The Hill was able to make and substantiate these claims after going through countless documents and electronic correspondences.

The Allegations Have Merit…But Allegations They Remain

Are the allegations true? That’s a big question. Only after a full investigation and/or legal process can anyone hold them as truth or fact. But there’s enough to this sordid affair to warrant further digging. The Hill has found enough coincidences and evidence to suppose that there was a deliberate effort to use the Trump sexual harassment charges to benefit Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. So who is Lisa Bloom?

Lisa Bloom is a lawyer specializing in civil rights, but who’s built a reputation for taking on cases involving sexual harassment. Moreover, Bloom knows the topic from both sides. She came to prominence after having contributed to the firing of noted pundit and talk-show host Bill O’Reilly, where she defended the victims of sexual harassment. Yet, Hollywood mega-mogul Harvey Weinstein had initially hired her to defend him from the onslaught of accusations precipitated by an article in The New Yorker by Ronan Farrow. (Source: “From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories,” The New Yorker, October 23, 2017.)


Bloom Is a Successful Attorney with a Penchant for Media Attention

Bloom runs the Bloom Firm, her own civil rights law firm. She has represented some noted Hollywood personalities; one of her clients was Kathy Griffin, including during the period of the tarnished “severed head” stunt photo published shortly after the election. (Source: “Kathy Griffin slams Lisa Bloom and ‘Spineless Heiress’ Anderson Cooper,” Page Six, October 24, 2017.)

But that very Griffin-Bloom relationship also fizzled out—though not quite as abruptly as the one with Weinstein. It’s worth noting this because Kathy Griffin had accused Bloom of being a “media whore.” (Source: Ibid.)

In other words, it suggests that Bloom may not always have her clients’ interests at heart. This would add credibility to The Hill’s claims. There’s little doubt that Lisa Bloom has a penchant for “entertainment.” She even had her own legal show, Lisa Bloom: Open Court, on truTV’s In Session from 2006 to 2009. (Source: “Lisa Bloom Leaving TruTV,” January 9, 2009.)

With a curriculum like that, many will wonder if Lisa Bloom is related to Gloria Allred. She’s more than that, it turns out. Bloom is Allred’s only child. Allred is one of the most famous women’s rights attorneys in the United States. Like her daughter, Allred has taken on interesting politically charged cases lately. One of them involves a woman who has accused former Alabama candidate for the U.S. Senate—and reluctant loser—Roy Moore.

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