Democrat Congressional Candidate Arrested on Stalking Charge Lombardi Letter 2018-02-16 07:20:15 David Alcon Democrat Congressional Candidate Democratic Party in New Mexico We look at the allegations made against David Alcon, who planned to run for the congressional seat in New Mexico, and how this could affect his future. 2017,News,U.S. Politics

Democrat Congressional Candidate Arrested on Stalking Charge

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David Alcon

David Alcon Arrested on Friday, November 10

David Alcon, who was planning to run for the open congressional seat under the Democratic Party in New Mexico, was arrested and charged with felony stalking on Friday, November 10. The arrest took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, just two weeks after a warrant was issued for Alcon’s arrest.

Alcon is being accused of sending a Santa Fe woman threatening text messages that made her fear for her life. The woman consequently filed a complaint with the Santa Fe police department, which then led to an arrest warrant being issued for Alcon.


According to the police report, the woman was attending a Halloween party when she allegedly began receiving threatening text messages from Alcon, claiming that he was watching her and wanted to have children with her. The woman told Alcon she wanted to be left alone, but the messages didn’t stop. The report further states that Alcon sent the woman an explicit photo of his private parts and even went as far as saying that he was at her apartment. (Source: “Congressional candidate suspected of stalking woman,” Las Cruces Sun-News, October 31, 2017.)

Alcon Has a Previous Stalking Conviction

The arrest would not be a surprise to Alcon’s ex-girlfriend. About 10 years ago, she experienced very similar events, with Alcon invading her privacy. He was convicted of trespassing and aggravated stalking.

According to prosecutors in the case, Alcon showed up at the woman’s house late in the night, often left notes and flowers on her truck, drove past her house multiple times, and left her messages that would be considered as harassment. As a result, Alcon spent three years on probation and a countless number of hours in anger management classes. (Source: Ibid.)

Since this is the second time Alcon is involved in a stalking-related offense, he could see tougher charges as a result of these allegations.

What Does David Alcon’s Future Look Like? 

Everyone deserves a second chance and Alcon is a great example. It could be said that Alcon was on the road to recovery; he spent three years on probation, took anger management classes, and stayed away from alcohol for more than a year. Especially in America, this is an ideal comeback story. It could be said that people would have gotten on board with Alcon running for congressman, regardless of his past.

However, once news broke out about these new allegations, it seems everything was thrown out the window. A few days after the arrest, the Republican Party of New Mexico issued a news release that U.S. Representative Ben Ray Luján for New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district should not support Alcon (who is a Democrat). This is a big deal in the congressional race. (Source: “Democratic Congressional Candidate Arrested For Stalking For The Second Time,” The Daily Caller, November 14, 2017.)

In addition, Alcon did not even file his paperwork to run for the position of congressman. It seems that his dreams of entering the political world stopped before they even began.

Mainstream Media Refuses to Cover David Alcon’s Story

The arrest happened on Friday, November 10, one day after sexual harassment allegations were made against Roy Moore.

At this point, serious allegations are being made against both Alcon and Moore, yet the mainstream media seems to have picked up the Moore story and neglected all the news surrounding Alcon.

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