Brett Talley Wiki: Lawyer Nominated by President Trump for Federal Judgeship Lombardi Letter 2017-11-14 08:27:52 brett talley wikibrett talley wifebrett talley agebrett talley wifebrett talley nominationbrett talley career Brett Talley is being nominated as a United States District Judge of the U.S District Court for the Middle District of Alabama. Learn more about him here. 2017,News,Wiki

Brett Talley Wiki: Lawyer Nominated by President Trump for Federal Judgeship

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Brett Talley Wiki

Brett Talley Wiki

Brett Talley’s name may sound familiar to those who follow U.S. politics.; he was a speechwriter for Mitt Romney during his presidential campaign. Fast forward a few years, and he is now on his way to being appointed as a federal judge.

At first glance, this seems great, since Talley has worked for a presidential campaign and for the Republican Party. President Donald Trump now wants to tap Talley’s expertise for the good of the country.

Since Trump won the vote to become president, however, he has made some questionable decisions in regards to giving individuals very powerful positions. Would Brett Talley be considered a great or questionable choice for the position of federal judge? We’ll try to answer this by going through every detail of Talley’s personal and business life. View this as a Brett Talley wiki page.

Brett Talley Age

Brett Talley was born in 1981 in Birmingham, Alabama, making him 36 years old as of this writing.

Brett Talley Education

In 2000, Talley entered the University of Alabama, completing his bachelor of arts degree in 2004, with a focus on philosophy and history. After completing his undergraduate degree, he completed a law degree and received his Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 2007.

Brett Talley Wife

In 2015, Talley married Ann Michelle Donaldson, who is a Harvard Law School graduate as well.

Brett Talley Career

From 2005 to 2011, Talley worked for various employers as a  law clerk and associate. At this point, he was working on the back end and assisting lawyers for their cases.

Talley followed this by landing a position with Mitt Romney’s campaign for the White House. He worked as a speechwriter for Romney, and this opened another career path for Talley. At one point while working for Romney, Talley moved to writing speeches for U.S. Senator Rob Portman. At the time, Portman was the Republican senatorial representative for Ohio.

After a total of three years of speech writing, Talley went back to being employed by a law firm. This is where Talley started to gain some real experience as a lawyer, working as a deputy solicitor general and as a deputy assistant attorney general. Talley worked in these positions for more than three years in total.

In terms of his political views, Talley has written blog posts denouncing Hillary Clinton and has made other online posts that tend to align with the stands that Trump has taken.

Brett Talley Nomination

In September of this year, President Trump nominated Talley to serve as the United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama.

The nomination from President Trump is the first step toward Talley becoming a judge. The next step is to have a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This committee has 20 members, including both Democratic and Republican Party representatives. The vote has already gone through the committee, which endorsed Talley’s nomination as a judge.

Before Talley can officially call himself a district judge, he must get the majority approval of the full United States Senate. Presently, the leader of the senate is Vice President Mike Pence. The senate is made up of 100 representatives, including Republicans, Democrats, and independents. The senate vote to approve Talley is currently pending.

Is Brett Talley Qualified for the Position of United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama? 

On an experience-only basis, Brett Talley would not yet be qualified for the position of federal judge. In order to be a judge, the person should have many years of experience as a lawyer. In the case of Talley, he only has about three years of experience practicing law.

Also, he has never taken a case to court and defended a client. In practicing law, especially, experience in thinking outside the box and looking at cases from various angles is essential. Talley may lack this skill, since he has not been exposed to such a scenario.

Previously, the position of United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama was held by Mark Fuller. Both Fuller and Talley have the same educational background. Fuller, however, had years of law experience before being named a judge. Fuller practiced law for more than a decade at a private law firm before entering the public spotlight as a district attorney. It still took Fuller a few years working as an attorney for the state before being appointed to the position of judge.

Talley still lacks the law experience required to be a judge. If appointed to the position, he will have a lower skill set compared to his processor. The only outlier for him is that he has political speech writing experience. Since he has already been nominated by President Trump and approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, his work experience seems to be an afterthought in the appointment process.

What to Expect Next 

Even though Talley has less experience than Fuller, it is an irrelevant issue in terms of the appointment process. This is due to the fact that he has received approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee. The only hurdle now is getting the okay from the United States Senate. Since Republicans have more seats in the senate than do the Democrats, it is quite possible that there will be no political roadblocks in Talley’s way.

Trump has been succeeding when it comes to his nominations for judicial appointments. Within the first 10 months of Trump’s presidency, he has nominated nearly double the number of nominees as President Barack Obama did in the comparable period.

Before Talley can take on the position he must disclose all information that could conflict with his role. To add more controversy to the manner, Talley did not disclose his wife is a lawyer. It’s not that she is a lawyer but she is the chief of staff to the White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II. Therefore this could result in Talley not getting the position for not disclosing all personal information that could conflict with his potential role. This is not a good start For Talley and there could be more information he may be hiding.

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