Robert Appel, BA, BCL, LLB

Robert Appel is a semi-retired lawyer-journalist. In his native Canada, he had his own syndicated radio show on CBC RADIO for 11 years, another syndicated radio show on CKO-RADIO, and was a frequent guest on Canada AM and Global Noon news. In the U.S., he authored several consumer books, was a guest on Good Morning America, and had his own regular radio commentary on WKBW Radio. His byline has also appeared in the LA Times.

While still an undergraduate, Robert used to “day trade” by purchasing a security at a nearby brokerage on his way to class in the morning and then selling it on his way home that night. In the 1990s, he managed the communication division of a U.S. firm that had set up shop in Canada. Robert was Editor-in-Chief of the organization’s newsletter, which boasted a paid circulation of more than 30,000 readers. He has also served as editor of a mining and resource-oriented letter for another leading publisher and developed Canada’s first-ever home study course on investing over the internet at a major communications company.

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Do you espouse a specific investment philosophy?

I believe I would fall into what is commonly known as the Austrian side, since the alternative, the so-called Keynesians, are, to put it gently, barking mad. To believe that you can encourage growth, free markets, jobs, production, and value—all good things, of course—by following a path of debt, manipulation, off-shoring, and financial parasitism is the very essence of insanity.

Can you give an example?

I could show you using the calculator on an iPhone that the debt load in our society today is incapable of ever being repaid. I am not saying it is incapable of being serviced, much like a Visa statement, but that the principal can mathematically never be repaid. And I am not sure which is the scarier statistic: that this state of affairs exists or that voters in democratic countries have failed to understand that it exists at all.

So what approach do you take to the editorials you write today?

I focus mainly on the gold market for two main reasons. First, gold is the posterchild for everything that is wrong with our current system. More accurately, I refer to the suppression of gold in a controlled, government-approved environment that both directly and implicitly encourages investors at large to invest in anything but the yellow metal. We are told by our betters that gold is in a 5,000-year bubble, it’s just another pet rock, and—this from the U.K. in 1999—it’s taking up space in the vaults that could be better used for other assets. The second reason I focus on gold is the payout that is coming. When gold finds its sealegs again, just like what happened after the last two major gold suppression schemes in the 1960s and again in the 1990s, the returns will be spectacular on a risk/reward basis. I want my readers to be there to enjoy them.

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