Michael Lombardi, MBA

Michael Lombardi founded investor research firm Lombardi Publishing Corporation in 1986. In the Lombardi Letter, readers get the benefit of Michael’s years of experience with the stock market, real estate, economic forecasting, precious metals, and various businesses. Michael believes in successful stock picking as an important wealth accumulation tool.

Michael has authored thousands of articles on investment and money management and is the author of several successful investing publications, including The Lombardi Letter for Wealth Preservation and Growth, Investing with Michael, and Lombardi’s Crisis Profit Alert.

Michael has been widely recognized as predicting five major economic events: In 2002, he told his followers to get into gold; he told them to get out of the housing market in 2006; he predicted the recession of late 2007; he warned readers to get out of stocks in the fall of 2007; and he advised readers to get back into stocks in March 2009.

Married with two children, Michael received his Chartered Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada and his MBA from the Graduate Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Get to know Michael…

What was your very first investment?

I bought my first stock when I was just 17 years old. Unfortunately, I quickly saw my $2,000 of hard-earned savings from summer jobs dwindle down to $1,000. Needless to say, I was determined not to lose money on a stock again.

How did you come to be so successful in investing?

After losing half of my first investment at 17, I started researching the market intensely. There was no Internet back then, so I read every book I could find on the topic and took every course I could afford. It didn’t take long for me to start making money with stocks, and that led me to launch a newsletter on the stock market.

How did you come to write Lombardi Letter?

Back in 2001, I started a daily e-letter on the economy and the stock market—that was Lombardi Letter. At first, I would send my daily “rant” to my colleagues and customers of Lombardi Publishing Corporation. As the popularity of Lombardi Letter grew, I brought in two senior investment analysts, George Leong, B.Comm., and Mitchell Clark, B.Comm., to expand the breadth of Lombardi Letter, along with guest economic opinion pieces from analysts affiliated with Lombardi Publishing. Today, daily circulation of Lombardi Letter is in excess of 400,000.

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