John Whitefoot, BA

John Whitefoot is an editor at Lombardi Financial, specializing in low-priced investment opportunities.

John has been a financial writer since the late 1990s and has written on everything from penny stocks to blue chip stocks to the broader issues that affect the stock market.

John has profiled more than 1,000 low-priced stocks, researching and covering numerous sectors including health care, media, manufacturing, IT, education, hospitality, natural resources, and retail.

As an editor at Lombardi Financial, John has enhanced his understanding of economics, turning his attention to individual stocks and other investing opportunities. John is primarily a fundamental analyst. His focus is on “off-the-radar” situations with big upside potential for the individual investor.

Outside of his professional life, John stays active through tennis and sailing. He also enjoys collecting antiquarian books and art.

Get to know John…

What was your first job and how has it contributed to your investing career?

I manually set up bowling pins when I was six at the local bowling alley on the beach. I was paid in candy. I remember it was fun, and that the more impulse control I showed, the more my credit at the counter grew. My friends cashed out after every game; I waited for days and days before cashing in to get the biggest payout. That same patience has served me well as an investor.

How did you make your first foray into investing and what did you take away from that experience?

I made my first real foray into the stock markets during the dotcom era. It was almost impossible to lose money at the time, and I did well, in spite of myself. After the dotcom bubble burst, I discovered how easy it was to lose money. It’s also when I learned how important it is to really understand what it is you’re investing in.

What has been the most memorable moment in your investing career?

My most memorable stock market moment is better viewed in hindsight. My friend’s father lost an enormous amount of money on Black Monday (October 19, 1987). He told me the loss was all on paper, and he would make it all back. It took a couple of years, but he was right. It didn’t mean much to me at the time, but since then, it has taught me about stock market cycles and the importance of having a diversified portfolio.

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